What would really help our ability to do more…

Cable Granulator

We receive a significant amount of cable from solar equipment, currently we export the cable as is to our associated company in Dubai as we do not have a partner in Kenya that we believe will process the cable properly. There is a lot of informal burning of cable to get the metal but we are very opposed to that practice. The granulator will enable us to separate the plastic from the metal in our warehouse. Currently the storage and shipping of cable is inefficient, the granulator will provide significant benefits in reducing transport, localising the recycling and allowing us to handle significant volume increases in the same space.

Battery Shredder

Batteries globally provide many challenges for responsible recycling and in some cases there are just no viable solutions yet. We get both Lithium Ion Cobalt and Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries in some bulk. With a shredder we would be able to separate out the components which allows us to deal more efficiently with the by-products, routing plastic and metal to our local downstream recyclers and cobalt to India for re-use. The Lithium Ion Phosphate remain a challenge, we currently have 20 tonnes in the warehouse and are working with two different organisations on potential solutions whilst closely watching the research projects in Australia. However, in the interim, shredding them would at least provide better space management and some by-product for local use.


E-Waste products range from small items just a cell phones to large items such as ATM machines and we process these and everything in-between! The cost of transport for collections is prohibitive to us except in the case of a consignment where there is significant value in the waste and we can cover our cost. As legislation is not yet mandating organisations to provide ‘’green’’ certificates of disposal, it is seldom where we find an organisation prepared to pay the cost of moving redundant, broken, old electronics out of their premises to our warehouse.